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  • Dentist:

    *sticks sharp metal instruments and fingers in my mouth*

  • Dentist:

    So how are you? How's school?

  • Me:

    *incoherent grunting*

  • Dentist:

    That's nice. Was it you that just got a boyfriend?

  • Me:

    *more incoherent grunting indicating a negative response*

  • Dentist:

    Aww what's his name?

  • Me:

    *frantic incoherent grunting trying to reassert the negative response*

  • Dentist:

    Oh his name's Kevin? That's a nice name.




Also why do magical wizards only have one sport, when dumb ol’ America has like seven?

Why Quidditch Is the Worst Game Ever Invented

Except that’s wrong.

Catching the Snitch ends the game, but they don’t necessarily win for doing it. In the books, a Seeker even ends the game while their team is way behind in points because it’s clear they can’t win. A load of points were earned, yes, but the game was still lot. The Snitch is also incredibly elusive and a very small target in a very large pitch, catching it is a lot harder than climbing a rope.

Exactly.  I’m currently re-reading the books, but if I’m correct - in one of them, Harry must not catch the snitch for until Gryfindor have scored a certain amount.  Because, although they’d win the game - they’d lose the House Cup, because over the course of the year they’ve not scored enough.  Quiditch is an extremely clever game.


Anonymous asked:

Okay, this is out of control. The MH17 plane crash had mostly white victims, while the Taiwan and Burkina Faso plane crashes soon after that had mostly PoC victims. Not surprisingly, the Western media is giving way more attention to MH17, for to them, when many whites die, it's a tragedy, while when many PoCs die, it's a statistic. Now, you'd expect the SJWs to actually raise awareness of this. Guess what? Instead, they're fucking fixated on Nash Grier and Marvel...

From what I understand the reason Western media is so focused on the MH17 is the fact that there were Americans on board who died.






On today’s edition of “Unnecessarily Gendered Products”

Girls can’t wear sunglasses. SCIENCE

are you fucking kidding me i am SO PUMPED FOR PRINCESS FUCKIN GOLDFISH


as much as I am against unnecessarily gendered products

this doesn’t say it’s for girls anywhere, and the other doesn’t say it’s for boys

you’re kinda just„. assuming one is specifically for girls because it’s pink and has a princess theme


Can we please just talk about this for a moment? This is such a beautiful scene where we get to see both Sherlock and Mary affirm their acceptance of each other. They are both saying to each other ‘Yes, you can be in a part of my life that I hold very dearly’ and they are just going to be unbelievably perfect. Mary and Sherlock may just become my new BrOTP

Mary and Sherlock are my BrOTP

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